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cellar gate cispiano

Tradition, dedication, innovation

Three Generations

Advice and experience.

The foundations for building the & nbsp; history on our territory

vineyards fontalsalice

Earth and nature

We work with the greatest possible respect for the environment, without the use of pesticides and herbicides, preferring the "human factor"

Young Spirits

A young & passionate team, with the aim of making known our idea of ​​wine and authenticity; all over the world.

"...Leurs produits (huile d'olive et vin) sont excellents et leur passion communicative. Ils sont aussi attentifs à préserver la nature autour d'eux... et on en profite largement!"

Vincent L. (Tripadvisor)

"...Los vinos que tiene son estupendos, sobretodo el reserva!!! Magnífico!!!
Nos explicó con tanto cariño su trabajo, su proyecto....que daban ganas de estar horas allí hablando con el.
Ojalá tengan suerte y poco a poco los vinos CISPIANO vayan ganando terreno en el mercado porque desde luego se lo merecen!!!"

Maria S (Tripadvisor)

"...Il vino che producono in primis il Chianti classico è eccellente. Se volete immergervi in un posto fiabesco è il luogo giusto..."

Domenico R. (Tripadvisor)